WE ARE kaos coffee

Kaos coffee is a Kiwi born and bred adrenaline junkie lifestyle brand providing the finest blend of roasted coffee beans and extreme sports apparel in New Zealand. 

Built on a thirst for adrenaline, adventure and the outdoors, Kaos kickstarts every day when ‘fast living’ is the name and ‘go hard or go home’ is the game.

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Don’t waste time waking up!

The first sip of Kaos coffee gets the adrenaline pumping like a waterfall preparing body and mind for the action and adventure ahead.

Based in The South, Kaos Coffee is immersed in hard and fast; the coffee will get you in the lights, camera, action moment, and the exclusive range of first-class apparel will keep you there. Turbocharge your day. When ‘how can I beat myself at my own game? is the question, Kaos is the answer.



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